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Clinic Procedures

GHS Clinic Procedures

Students with a pass may sign in to the clinic. Typically, each student will be assessed and treated within 15 minutes of arrival. Students will either return to class or they will be sent home due to illness/injury. Parents will be contacted when students are sent home from the clinic.

All medications must be kept in the clinic. Students with frequent headaches, stomach aches or other reoccurring health concerns are encouraged to have medicine available in the clinic.  For the safety of all students, parents are required to bring medications to the clinic.  My goal is to help students stay healthy and remain in school.

Per the State of Virginia, all tenth graders and new students to York County will have their vision and hearing screened. Additionally, ninth graders will be screened for scoliosis.   Please contact the Kimberly Peeke, RN at or #898 - 0549 if you have any questions or concerns.

Per the State of Virginia, new high school students enrolling in York County need current immunizations, but not a current physical. Immunizations are subject to change each school year. Here is a link for further information: ACIP Recommended Immunication Schedules

The orange Health Update cards should be completed every year on your student. Current health information and functional telephone numbers are imperative for providing expedient student-specific nursing care.

Supplies such as crackers, band aids, tissues and feminine hygiene products are available in the clinic for students. Donations from parents are greatly appreciated.