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Scholarship Information

The York County School Division compiles a montly bulletin with information about both local and national scholarships.  Click here to access this month's bulletin

Scholarship Advice:

1. Request transcripts at least 5 business days in advance     (utilize Scribbles whenever possible!).
2. Request letters of recommendation at least 3 weeks in advance.
3. Ensure that your application in complete! Whether you are submitting online or to the GHS Counseling Office, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure ALL of your materials are included with your application.
4. Focus on the DETAILS! Make sure you follow ALL the requirements in the scholarship criteria.
5. PLAN ahead (deadlines are firm!) and stay ORGANIZED!
6. Save any required Scholarship Essays! (Different scholarships often use the same essay prompts)
7. Check your school email REGULARLY for more information about scholarships from the GHS Counseling Department!  

See your Counselor for more information   


2024 Grafton High School Specific Scholarships

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  • Create a Personalized Profile to Find Qualifying Scholarships
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  • Utilize Custom tools like College Cost Comparisons to make your decision with confidence!

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  • Create a profile based on personal demographic information to filter Scholarhips (Military, Ethnicity, College Major, GPA/SAT, Extra-Curriculars, etc.)
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Virginia Colleges & Universities Offering Tuition Promise Programs

There are a number of Colleges & Universities across the Commonwealth of Virginia that are offering a Tuition Promise Program, or a similar program, to benefit students & families who need additional financial assistance in order to attend a 4-Year Institution. These programs often cover the entire tuition costs for all 4 years of schooling as students earn their bachelors degrees. Qualifications and eligibility vary based on each institution. For a full list of participating Colleges & Universities, click the link below:

Click here to access the full list of Virginia Tuition Promise Colleges & Universities